This is Benny, a three year old doberman, with a giant personality, and a lot of goofy faces.

They like Kar.

One dog, two beds.

Benny has a friend :) Annabelle, a Jack Russell / Chihuahua mix.

Reunited again, they missed each other.

Happy puppy.


Kisses :P

Brandon (my boyfriend) and I took Benny to the public school park for a walk the other day. He went down the slide with me and sucked up to Brandon any chance he got. ^_^

So a week or so ago, actually the night that I dropped Benny off at the friend’s house he’s currently staying at, I ran into a guy on the street who had a rescue dobie as well. We had a long chat and he gave me some very good tips on dealing with Benny’s anxiety and confrontation issues. He suggested I walk him on a halti (which he was using on his own dog), rather than with a muzzle and prong collar. I had bought one a while ago but had never learned how to use it properly with Ben. Night and day difference. Not only is it 100 times easier to control Benny if he does freak out, but he’s actually learning to not even react to other dogs, small children, skateboards, ect. Since he’s controlled by the head rather than the neck I can direct his attention exactly where I want it without difficulty, so he actually pays attention to me rather than continuing to fixate on whatever he’s freaking out about. Pulling up with the leash tightens the halti, closing his mouth and preventing barking or nipping, but unless pulled tight he can still eat or drink, and I can give him the trust he deserves when he is behaving well. Getting out of the horrible environment at my mom’s house probably helped as well, but I’m so proud of my Benny, he’s listening so well and I’m no longer afraid to take him places on the chance that there might be other dogs there. ^_^

A very happy Benny when I came to take him for a walk and visit him like I do every day. Still miss my ooboo so much but I should be able to find a place to live soon, then I can have him with me all the time again. <3