This is Benny, a four year old doberman, with a giant personality, and a lot of goofy faces.

Big ass lap dog.

Comfy dog.

This was home for two days. For being homeless he had it pretty cushy, sleeping and riding in the back of the truck on a queen sized mattress. We’ve got a place to stay though at least for right now.

They were so tired from being in the car all day. Benny loved the big comfy bed, it definitely beats the rock hard single mattress we’ve been sleeping on since The beginning of July. At least I can have my queen sized mattress again in the back of my truck.

Since I’ve become homeless again until I can make enough money to afford an apartment, Benny and I will be living/sleeping on a mattress in the back of my truck. Last night we were put up in a hotel that takes animals by the Salvation Army, so we brought Oliver along too. I’ve found a place for him to stay, but for a cat he’s so good in the car.

So he does actually fit on only one seat. I’m so proud of him, the day I got him I had to pick him up and place him in the truck because he wouldn’t step within a 5 foot radius of it willingly, but now he’s wonderful in the car.

They like Kar.

One dog, two beds.

Benny has a friend :) Annabelle, a Jack Russell / Chihuahua mix.